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  Located in the Town of Monroe for over 45 years.  

We take client satisfaction seriously and strive to make our students' experience at our school a highly positive one. The following testimonials come from individuals who have used Plaza Auto Driving School's services and can be independently verified by checking us out on or looking at our google listing.

If you've had a positive experience with Plaza Auto Driving School we would be very happy to see you leave a testimonial for us on one of the following third party review websites. Please click one (or all of them) to leave us positive reviews.

"I would highly recommend this company and their drivers. They are nice and polite and on time. They have great prices for the lessons, and the cars they use are all good quality plus maintained very well. The owner of the business (charlie) takes great pride in his work to ensure you pass the test and such carry through to their staff as well. ^_^

I signed up about 2 months ago and I was told my driving instructor would be the owner charlie. I signed up for a 3 day course and to take the test on the third day. When in the car my first day I was nervous and made many mistakes and such. The second day I found him to be very helpful and to teach me certain things they look for. (I was still not thinking I was going to pass). On the third day I was thinking this was going to be hard but I did what he told me on the road test and to my surprise everything worked just as he told me as I did practicing it. The methods he taught me work very well and the car was clean and in good running order."

- Sasamu


"I took 10 lessons and then went on to pass on my first try with flying colors, I highly recommend using this service."

- Kevin


"Very great driving school! Passed first time today thanks to Charlie!"

- Steph


"My daughter took recently 6 hours driving course with Plaza Auto Driving School. It was a great experience for everybody. Her instructor Charlie was great, communication was excellent and approach always very professional.

She passed the road test with no problems. I would definitely highly recommend this school to everybody who is looking for a quality driving school, reasonable rates, and great results."

- Very happy Mom


"I took 10 lessons and they were great! I passed the road test on my first try! I just had back sergury about a month ago and even with the pain with these lessons i passed with wild colors!

Thanx again Plaza Auto!"

- Brandon


"After failing twice, passed first time... Great experience, special thanks to Charlie!"

- Ashleigh


"Perfect driving education! I took the six lesson package and it was great practice for my road test. Charlie was great in explaining all the procedures and good habits of driving and I was fully prepared when I took the road test. Plaza auto driving school is a great asset to the new driver."


"Efficient, dedicated driving school! Being from the UK I needed to get a NY driving licence which is quite complicated - from my first of many e-mails asking questions, charlie responded quickly and informatively with no guarantees I would even use his school. I took one lesson before my test which I passed first time, and had George and Charlie instructing, both of whom I would thoroughly recommend. Not only were they professional, but also very kind, giving me extra information I asked and dropping me off after the test.

10/10 - It won't be a mistake using this company!"

- Amanda


"Plaza Auto Driving School is so great! The instructor is so friendly and never gives up helping. He is so funny and makes the 5 hour course so much fun and you actually walk away retaining the information. Without Plaza Auto Driving School I would have never passed my road test. The lessons are fun the people are great and they actually know what they are talking about. I LOVE PLAZA AUTO AND YOU WILL TOO!"

- Celeana


"The instructors at Plaza Auto Driving are school are extremely friendly and they teach their students a lot of helpful information. I took ten lessons at Plaza and I was able to pass my road test the first time. I learned a lot of extra information that I would not have known without the help of my instructor at Plaza. I would recommend this driving school to anyone who is truly serious about learning the proper methods of driving. The five housr pre-licensing course was also exceptional. I was able to retain a lot of information from that class."

- Courtney


"Professional and means business. Very happy with overall experience. Special thanks to Erol."

- Dipu


"Plaza auto driving school helped me a lot to become a good driver and also to pass my road test. Their 5 hour class is excellent also they go over all the skills and basics of driving and how to get out of dangerous situations which I never even thought of getting out the way he said to. Also he makes it intresting so you can relate to it instead of just sitting there listening to the teacher. Also the owner Charlie is really nice and friendly and doesn't make you nervous while driving with him. During the lesson he shows you exactly how the road test is and shows you very useful tips to help you through it. {laza auto school is a great place to learn how to drive and the people are friendly and want to help you become an excellent driver. I would recommend them to all of my friends and to you!


- Corinne


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